DXRacer GC-R58-N-Z1 – Silla para Videojuegos

DXRacer GC-R58-N-Z1 – Silla para Videojuegos

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DXRacer’s Racing series is ergonomically constructed with a slimly built body análogo to the Formula series, but with an even alfarería backrest. The 3-dimensional armrests and the fully adjustable backrest (between 90-135 degrees) allows for extra customizability to fit your personal preferences while performing different tasks. The star rudimentos and the SGS certified gas lift holds weights up to 100 kg (approx. 220 pounds).

The headrest and lumbar cushions along with the dense cold foam in the seat helps you sit up straight and keep a good posture even after long hours in front of the computer. The control unit makes it possible to rock back and forth or lock entirely in a apaisado position. The 2″ casters are made of PU-plastic and rolls smoothly over flat surfaces.
Pellejo sintética extra apañado y gruesa
Reclinable a 135 grados, con reposabrazos ajustable en 4 dimensiones para opciones de acoplamiento flexible
Ergonómicamente y diseñado por expertos con un marco de arma blanca prudente, costuras de calidad y emblema grabado

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